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Short Stay Parking

The official on airport short stay car parks are perfect for those parking for only a couple of hours. Rates tend to be set via time blocks, so fifteen minutes costs a set amount, then thirty minutes and then hour and so on. When parking for any more then a couple of hours, these car parks then work out extremely expensive with several short stay car parks charging around twenty five pounds per day, or close to fifty at Heathrow so its not ideal for anyone travelling for a larger duration.

The short stay car park is often within walking distance of the terminal building and at most airports, the most convenient option. There will be a stream of constant traffic with friends and family dropping off and picking up travellers from the terminal entrances via means of the car park but you shouldn't find it hard to find a space at most times thoughout the year.

Whilst not all airports allow their short stay car parks to be pre-booked, for those that do such as Luton, Manchester and Liverpool John Lennon airport we strongly recommend that if this is the option you are looking for, you do book in advance as saving can amount to several hundred pounds for only a couple of weeks parking.

As of the 4th January 2011 we offer Gatwick north short stay and south short stay at just a third of the on gate rate, a saving of around 66%!

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