VIP Airport Lounges

The Ultimate Terminal Experience

Its true that waiting around in the airport terminal is never the best of experiences, its often busy, noisy and stressful which is why the VIP airport lounges were created. They offer a more relaxing, quiet alternative to enjoy the airport experience, we are talking about comfy seating, televisions, complementary drinks and snacks, stylish surroundings, its just a nicer way to spend your time in the terminal.

If you want to travel like a celebrity an airport lounge is the only way, it’s that little VIP travel extra that makes a huge difference to the start of your travels, be in business or pleasure. Its unlikely you have seen a celebrity in the departures terminal, well thats because they are tucked away in a stylish lounge, away from the busy airport terminal, now that experience is available to all.

Airport Lounges - Limited Spaces

There are limited spaces in the airport lounges, it helps adds to that extra special luxury feel. It helps keep the experience all that much better, after all, the last thing you want is to be struggling to find a seat, that’s what the main terminal departures lounge is like! Most lounges limit the number of users to fifty and offer on a first come, first served basis, of course if you have thought ahead and pre-booked, your space is saved.

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