Music Event Insurance FAQ

Can i insure against bad weather?

Some types of bad weather can be covered by your policy.                                                                      For example, if flooding prevents the organiser from getting equipment to an event, and this prevents the event taking place, then that is insured.

With weather forecasts now available in advance, it may be possible to know that bad weather is on the way, so the risk becomes a known existing one and cannot be insured. In that case it may not be possible to cover against bad weather within 14 days of it taken place. 

Can I insure against a lack of attendance or sales ?

Unfortunately, this would be classed as a trading risk and not insurable under the policy.

Am i covered if my event goes ahead but it’s disrupted ?

Our event insurance covers postponement, relocation, abandonment or other significant deviation from the pre-planned programme.

How close to the event can I get coverage ? 

We would always suggest getting your insurance as soon as possible. As known events would be excluded from the cover, the sooner you purchase your insurance the less likely it would be that a disruption would be excluded. 


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