Public Event Insurance

What is public liability event insurance?

In terms of events, public liability insurance covers the policyholder for accidental damage or loss of property, injury or death of a member of the public at the policy holders event.

How does public liability insurance work?

The first decision to be made is which event policy is most appropriate. 

If an incident occurs at the event you are covering, you will be covered against for your legal liability to pay for damages incurred.

What might not be covered ?

Before taking out public liability insurance for events, you should read the wording of your policy documents very carefully as they will tell you exactly what you will, and won’t, be covered for.

There are certain situations in which your policy may be invalidated.

This could occur if you:

  • put your guests in harm’s way through negligence or wilfully dangerous acts
  • tamper with equipment, or fail to properly test it
  • ignore professional advice e.g. deciding to go ahead despite risky weather
  • fail to do everything in your power to provide a suitable level of safety and security for your guests


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