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This page is here to answer any investment related questions you may have!

Q: What are Equity Funds?

A: Equity funds such as investment trusts, unit trusts and OEICs are high risk investments. They involve investors’ money being put into equities selected by a fund manager. There is potential for high returns but with unsecure capital and high risk many lose out.

Q: What are Corporate Bonds?

A: A corporate bond is basically the investor lending money to the company. You receive a fixed rate of interest the company undertakes to return the capital back at the end of the investment, a date set before going ahead. The guarantee that your investment grows is only as good as the financial strength of the company you are lending to with this medium risk investment option.

Q: What are With-Profit Bonds?

A: With-profit funds combine equities, cash, property and bonds in an attempt to give a larger growth potential than standard deposit accounts. These funds will be managed over time to make growth is steady.

Q: What are Income Bonds?

A: Income bonds are a guaranteed or variable income over a fixed term. This is usually between three to five years and paid either annually or monthly.

Q: What are Property Investments?

A: Property investments means that you money is invested in commercial property with is then rented out. Capital increases from both rent but also the potential appreciation and depreciation of the building.

Q: What are Premium Bonds?

A: Premium bonds are a guaranteed low risk investment backed by HM Treasury. Each month the individual bonds you own are put into a monthly draw for cast tax free prizes. You can cash in premium bonds as you please.

Q: What are Deposit Accounts?

A: A deposit account is a low risk investment bank account. Interest s added monthly, weekly or daily depending on your circumstances and the account chosen and offers a slightly greater potential then a current account.

Q: What are Gilts?

A: UK government bonds are you effectively lending your money to the government who will spend this within their budget on schools, roads etc.. With this low risk option your capital is secure and repaid at the end of the investment.

Q: What are ISAs?

A: The ISA account is a common type of savings account where the government encourage you to invest by allowing tax benefits. The money entered into these accounts is invested into other investment oppertunities.


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