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Pension Types

There are various forms of pensions including the following:

  • Stakeholder Pensions - a low cost option which adheres to the government rules on charges and terms.
  • Pension Scheme - an arrangement usually made by a company for its employees.
  • Pension Funds - a pool of assets bought with contributions into a pension plan.
  • Work Pensions - a pension accumulated during your working life in conjunction with a employer, they would usually contribute to this.
  • State Pensions - the old age pension is based on a individuals National Insurance contribution during their working life and paid by the government.
  • Pension Release - a more flexible option where money can be released from the pension but a lot more specialist.
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions - this option allows individuals control over the investments of their funds.
  • Private Pensions - this option is arranged and paid into by the individual and outcomes can vary depending on investment choices.

Finding the Best Pension for You

Pension companies can vary quite largely in both charges and the investment performances they offer so the best advice possible would be to shop around or use a comparison site like ours to get an experts advice on what pensions is best for you.


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