Cheap Business Van Insurance

When you running a business you want everything to go smoothly and having the right protection, should something unexpected happen to a business critical component is of paramount importance. That's where business van insurance comes in.

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Just some of the great van insurance brands included

Churchill DNA Complete Van Cover budget rac morethan hastings direct

Also referred to as commercial van insurance, van insurance covers vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, this includes the majority of basic vans such as the most of the Ford Transfit models, Vauxhall Combo and Peugeot Expert.

Why do I need business cover for my van?

Business cover is needed should you undertake any commercial use from your van in any way. It alters the insurance policy to include the carriage of goods (be it yours or someone else's) and you should always check with the insurer to make sure exactly what is and isn't covered in relation to the goods in the vehicle.

What do I need to get a business van quote?

The questions asked when carrying out a business van insurance quote are similar regardless of wether this is for business or standard van insurance and include information on:

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