Cheap Commercial Van Insurance

Commercial van insurance differs from normal van insurance if you use your vehicle for making money or within a business. It is essential to get the right van insurance, as it can be more expensive to insure your vehicle for commercial purposes.

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Just some of the great van insurance brands included

Churchill DNA Complete Van Cover budget rac morethan hastings direct

Commercial van insurance (also know as business van insurance) can cover any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes and this weight limit includes cover for a lot of the standard vans we know and love including the Ford Transit. If your van is above this weight limit you will need to look for truck insurance instead which comes with slightly difference insurance coverage.

If taking out this cover its always best to make sure you get the cover you need, how will you be using the van and will you needs cover for items in the van? This can make a difference to your quote and eventual policy and its always best to make sure you have the cover you need just in case.