Cheap Airport Lounges

If you truly want to begin relaxing as soon as you leave the house, you should probably consider an airport lounge. Instead of hanging around in the departures area for hours, dodging hyper kids and hunting for a half-decent seat, imagine sitting back with free drinks and snacks, starting your holiday book or catching some TV.

With airport lounge access starting at just £13.50, that VIP feeling isn't just for the high flyers. Here at, you can compare the best options and deals to begin your holiday in style, and save yourself a few quid along the way. Quote for airport lounge prices today!

done_outline Escape the noise and scatter of the airport
done_outline Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks
done_outline TV, free WiFi or other entertainment facilities

Lounges for the Business Traveller

Originally, lounges were the go-to spots for business travellers, decked out with all the essentials like WiFi, faxes, tables, and desks in a peaceful setting. You'll still spot plenty of business folks typing away, prepping for international meetings – that's the crowd lounges were initially designed for.

Now, an airport lounge is the perfect place to relax before your flight, far from hanging out in the busy departures. Plus, who can resist a complimentary cup of tea and pack of biscuits?

Lounges for the Leisure Traveller

Lounges have become popular with parents looking to entertain children whilst waiting for their flight. With many offering entertainment for children such as Nintendo Wiis, airport lounges are now being created with families in mind.

Remember, lounges only accept a certain number of people so it is important you pre-book in advance.