What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored on your computer. The web browser can / will read the cookie file as you browse around websites such as ours.

Why we use cookies?

Cookies enable our website to function correctly. We put a session cookie on your computer for the duration of your visit to our site. It stores data about the browser you are using and information you have entered in order for our website to function correctly and for us to provide you with a quotation or policy.

We use them to collect trend data which we analyse to help us improve how our site works. This analytics or trend data includes how visitors find our site and how they move around our site.

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We are much focused on our customers and serving our customers professionally, accurately and with all the information they require to understand the product and make choices to meet their needs.

If you wish to delete any of these cookies then instructions on how to delete cookies from your computer and privacy statement and explanations details are also provided within this website.

About Cookies

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