Credit Cards

Here at we offer free, independent, online comparisons of credit cards. These include 0% balance trasfer cards, air miles cards and more. We want to help you find the lowest rates, meaning the cheapest repayments and the most rewarding cards we can. Some credit cards offer reward schemes and promtions which can be seen below and there are even some credit builder schemes cards.

Simply select the type of card you need below to get searching our extensive range of credit cards. Get a great deal on your credt card today with!

With an ever increasing number of credit cards we may be able to help you find either the cheapest credit card for your needs or a card which saves you a few pounds, after all that is what we are all about. Why not take a look at the below table which includes cards from well known lenders and banks such as Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Virgin and compare balance transfer rates, the typical APR and purchases rate. Please bear in mind some cards charge a fee for balance transfers but we have displayed these where relevant.

Cheap Credit Cards

Each credit card scheme is set up slightly differently, some offer a better APR typical rate whereas some offer free balance transfer rates so there is no one right option when it comes to finding a cheap credit card, its all down to your particular needs at that time. By clicking the below images our system will filter the credit cards to display those best for purchases, credit building or rewards just to help you.

We always recommend you think carefully before selecting which card to apply for as some offer a great initial rate (sometimes 0%) on purchases for a limited time. This can then rise to sometimes as high as 40-50% but if managed correctly a credit card can be a cost effective way to borrow money.

0% Credit Cards

Many look for 0% cards on spending and balance transfers but its always worth taking into account the typical APR rate, as soon as cards 0% period expires you are then charged interest often at quite a high rate. Its not uncommon to find cards with 0% offers of both balance transfers and purchases for as long as or even long then a year, these cards provide the best of both helping those who are looking at switching an existing card over but to still be used regularly.