Compare Purchases Credit Cards

The biggest attraction of these cards is that you do not need pay off your balance each month as there are introductory periods of up to 13months where you do not pay any interest on purchases. This is great for those large purchases you need now, but cannot afford. Like that car, wedding dress or sofa you need for that new apartment. As long as you clear the balance within the offer period.

Purchases Card Benefits

While lenders have tightened their belts since the onset of the credit crunch, you can still find cards on offering 0% on purchases for up to 12 months. This type of credit card can be great if you are looking to spread the cost of a purchase.

Purchases Card Negatives

Once the 0% offer ends you will be charged interest on any outstanding balance. This is often in excess of 18%. You should therefore look to clear your debt within the interest-free period. However, bear in mind that the leading purchase credit card deals are only be available to those with squeaky clean credit histories. You may therefore not qualify for the credit card deal that catches your eye.