Compare Charity Credit Cards

Available from many different credit card providers in conjunction with a wide range of charities and organisations, a charity credit card aims to have the same features of a traditional credit card while also providing benefits to a charity, such as a donation being made upon each purchase. The donation is usually worked out as a percentage of your purchase, and is donated by the company that issues the card.

Here at we do not offer any charity credit cards but we do have a whole lot more in the comparison table.

Charity Card Benefits

One of the best things about charity credit cards is that they enable you to donate money regularly while spending – at no cost to you. It does not cost you anything to donate this way because the charity donations are given in the same way as the benefits offered with rewards credit cards – a certain amount is given to your favourite cause for every pound spent on your card,

Charity Card Negatives

As with reward and cashback cards, the interest rates on charity cards can often be punishing. The majority charge interest at double digit rates, so it is only worth taking out a charity card if you are going to pay off your balance in full each and every month. Some critics also claim that the donations made through charity cards are too low.