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If you’re a courier, the chances are you spend a lot of time driving, stopping at unfamiliar addresses, and being held responsible for deliveries being made on time. Delivery drivers are often on the road during peak, busy times, increasing their risk of traffic accidents. Whichever kind of delivery you make - fast food, parcels, groceries, or furniture - it’s essential to think about dedicated courier insurance.

When you’re getting insurance for being a courier, you need to be clear about how you use your vehicle when you’re getting a quote. A standard insurance policy without delivery use isn’t suitable for couriers because it won’t consider the goods you’re transporting - this means you can be at financial risk if the item you’re delivering is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Looking for delivery or courier insurance, you’ll come across the term ‘hire and reward’, which is a necessary type of cover if you’re paid to deliver goods for others. Even if you select ‘business use’ when you’re looking into insurance, these policies are usually too restrictive for delivery purposes - you might even find yourself underinsured or with an invalid policy. Courier insurance is a step up from business use insurance, specifically designed for the operation of delivery vehicles.

Even if you own your bike, you, as the policyholder, are responsible for choosing and maintaining the correct cover. Your employer must be aware of your bike's type and ensure it is roadworthy, and they must verify that you have the appropriate insurance.

However, if your employer provides you with a courier vehicle, it’s likely they have commercial fleet insurance. Either way, check with them before you start delivering to make sure you’re properly protected. compares multiple courier insurance providers to get you the best deal for your needs. Whether you’ve got a car, van, scooter, motorcycle, or a bicycle, there are plenty of options out there. Get started today, and click here for a quote!

Just some of the great courier insurance brands included

Business Choice Direct Coversure (1) Insurance Revolution (1) Lance Brokers Lexham (2) Peart (1) Risk Alliance Zego (1)

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