Cheap Backpackers Travel Insurance

Backpackers Travel Insurance

Backpacking and Gap Years for many people and students is a life changing experience. One of the best ways to travel and really experience the culture and life of the countries you visit. Most travelers spend ages planning and arranging flights, destinations and items to take but with the backpackers travel insurance, you can cross cheap backpacking insurance off your list.

Just some of the great travel insurance brands included

Direct Travel Fit2travel Holidayinsurance Allsafe Fit4 Travel

Backpacking Travel Insurance Benefits:

Most countries you will visit will not offer a free health service like the NHS, this is where a travel insurance policy really pays dividends. A broken leg could cost thousands to seek medical assistant abroad and if your travelling for a couple of months or even longer, this could completely ruin your travel trip and gap year.

Under 36 and need cheap backpacking insurance? Then our adventure traveler range is for you. There are four cheap backpacking insurance policies to choose from and all cover and include: