Cheap Family Travel Insurance

Here at, we understand how important your family is and that you want to keep them safe when you're travelling. That's why our travel insurance policies will cover you and your children comprehensively for all the potential accidents, injuries, and illness which might happen while you're on holiday.

We also know just how expensive it can be if you're taking the whole family away, so insurance might be the last thing you want to pay out for. Use our comparison engine to get the best deals from big brands, and travel safely and securely. Quote now and get covered straight away!

Just some of the great travel insurance brands included

Direct Travel Fit2travel Holidayinsurance Allsafe Fit4 Travel

How do you define a 'family'?

Our definition of family, or couple, is not limited to a married opposite-sex couple with biological children. As long as both adults have been cohabiting for at least 6 months, they can also be on a policy with adopted or fostered children.

Bear in mind that some insurers might require adults to have cohabited for longer than 6 months - double check with our customer service team if you have any questions.