Cheap Multi-Car Insurance

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Just some of the great multi car insurance brands included

Abbeyfields Gsi

Multi-car insurance is a confusion to some but the principle is pretty simple, it is a way of combining all the vehicle insurance policies in a household into one standardised policy. This should save time when initially covering your vehicles as this can be done in one go but also if you need to claim (having just the one phone number to use for any of your vehicles).

Typically you can cover between two and five cars using a multiple car insurance policy so its aimed at the modern family where having several cars has become the norm.

Multi car insurance can work differently between the companies that offer this, big names such as Admiral and Esure are available but they may hold details of separate policies linked together under your address or maybe offer just one policy with several vehicles covered in one go. Regardless of how they work, a saving could be made by having all your vehicles under one policy so what are you waiting for, try this online system today and see if you save anything?

Cheap Multi-Car Cover

Multi-Car insurance cover is great for households with more than one car who want to be on the same policy with the same insurer. Purchase your multi-car cover today with ease and compare online.

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