Cheap Multi-Car Insurance

What is multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance does exactly what it says on the tin - it consolidates cover for multiple vehicles under a single insurer, making it easier to manage car insurance for households with one car. Not only will there be less paperwork and admin to deal with, but for each additional car added to the policy, there’s often a discount. If you’ve got a big family or a few cars, this can add up to a decent saving. Multi-car insurance can be a practical solution for families and individuals alike, with some policies allowing multi-car breakdown cover and other optional extras for all included vehicles and drivers.

How does it work?

There are two types of multi-car insurance: linked, or multiple car cover.
A linked policy, as you can imagine, links multiple policies together. This means that you can have different cover levels and add-ons for different cars, No Claims Discounts are earned individually, and only one person is affected if they have to make a claim.

A multiple car policy, on the other hand, syncs up all your cars under one policy. All cars have the same level of cover and the same renewal dates.

Multi-car insurance makes it easy to insure up to 7 vehicles on just one 12-month policy, which is perfect for families or shared households, sometimes even with drivers at multiple addresses. Always check the Policy Wording to verify the specifics and confirm that the policy fits your circumstances.

Here are some things to consider with multi-car insurance:


  • Less time-consuming and easier paperwork and renewal processes.
  • Individual no-claims bonuses remain unaffected by others' claims.
  • Policies may cover cars used away from home part of the year, like students.
  • Potential for overall cost savings compared to multiple separate policies.
  • Some policies allow adding family members living at different addresses.


  • Young, newly qualified, or those with convictions may increase costs.
  • A claim by one driver could raise future premiums for all drivers on the policy.
  • Payments are similar to single car insurance, with one large bill for synced renewals, which can be expensive upfront.
  • Large one-time payments might be financially challenging compared to spreading out payments with individual policies.

The cost and benefits of multi-car insurance can also be influenced by:

  • The age and occupation of each driver
  • Postcode and usual parking spots
  • Driving history, including claims, penalties, or convictions
  • The car type and No Claims Discount for each vehicle

How do I know if a multi-car policy is cheaper than standalone policies?

Using an online comparison engine like is a smart way to test that theory. Start by getting individual quotes for each car through the comparison tool, then sum these up for a total cost of separate policies. Then request a multi-car quote to compare the overall price. Ensure the multi-car quote breaks down costs per car, so that you can make a fair comparison. Also, check that the cover levels and limits are similar across both options. can simplify this process, enabling quick cost comparisons and ensuring you're getting the best value for your multi-car insurance. By evaluating both total costs and cover specifics, you can make an informed decision with potential savings. Get your quotes here, and begin your money-saving journey with Cheap.

Just some of the great multi-car insurance brands included

Abbeyfields Gsi

Compare Your Options

To ensure you're getting the best deal, compare multi-car insurance with the alternatives. Use to easily compare policies from over 90 insurers and brokers. This comparison can help you make an informed decision, potentially saving money and fitting your specific needs and circumstances.

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