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4x4 Insurance: For Those Bumps in the Road

Favoured by farmers and rural residents for their utility, 4x4 vehicles have become increasingly popular among general drivers, spotted in cities as well as the countryside. These vehicles excel in various weather conditions and terrains, have plenty of space for families, and the capability to tow caravans and trailers. However, running and insuring a 4x4 can be costlier than standard cars due to their size, value, and off-road use. Specialised 4x4 insurance gives you comprehensive cover for these risks, making sure you’re protected against the potential damages or accidents associated with their use.

Why can insuring a 4x4 be more expensive?

If you’re wondering why costs are that much higher, here's a breakdown of why and how you can manage them:

  • 4x4s are often more expensive to repair after an accident due to their complex four-wheel drive systems and higher-end components.
  • Many 4x4 vehicles have a higher market value, which means they are more attractive to thieves. This also means that they can be more costly to replace if stolen or written off.
  • The ability to go off-road increases the likelihood of underbody damage and wear, which can lead to more frequent claims. It’s worth mentioning that many policies exclude cover for off-road use, so check if you need to search for specialist off-roading insurance.
  • 4x4s are powerful vehicles, and insurers often associate higher performance with a greater risk of accidents.

How can I keep those insurance costs down?

Your 4x4 insurance policy should always cover what you need it to. Obviously it’s tempting to go for a cheaper policy with less cover, but when it comes down to it you need appropriate cover for your vehicle and its use. To get the right cover as well as keeping the cost down, try these:

  • Increase the security of your 4x4 and reduce the risk of theft, by installing additional approved security devices.
  • Shop around and research makes and models which are cheaper to insure - some are considered by insurers to be riskier than others.
  • Upping your voluntary excess is proven to lower your premium, but make sure it’s an amount you can actually afford if you do need to make a claim.
  • Let your insurer know that you intend to use your 4x4 on-road more than off-road. Limiting your off-road use can sometimes reduce your premium.
  • If you belong to an approved members’ club, tell your insurer. Sometimes this comes with a discount which can be applied to your 4x4 insurance premium.

Using comparison sites for 4x4 car insurance can significantly improve your chances of finding the best deal, which is crucial when 4x4 insurance typically costs more than standard car insurance. lets you compare quotes from multiple insurers, tailor your policy based on your vehicle and driving details, and understand various cover options, all in one place. By comparing 4x4 insurance with us, you're in a better place to manage and reduce your insurance costs. Click here to get a quote!

Just some of the great 4x4 car insurance brands included

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