Cheap Imported Car Insurance

In recent years, having a car imported to the UK has become increasingly popular. Lower prices and higher specifications mean that vehicle buyers are leaning towards import cars, although the purchase savings might be outweighed by the cost of insuring an imported car. Although, insuring your imported car needn't be as expensive as you think. Here at, we use an online system to compare quotes from over 90 insurers who'll cover your vehicle, including if it's a Japanese or American import.

There are a few reasons why imported cars might be harder to insure:

  • Higher performance increases the risk of an accident
  • More valuable, meaning they are more likely to be stolen
  • Built differently with left hand drive or other differences which are non-UK standard
  • Security fittings might be different, or less secure than expected in the UK
  • Replacement parts might be harder to find, and therefore more expensive to replace

Despite the potential impact these might play on your insurance premium, it's important you're completely honest about your vehicle information - you'll get the most accurate quote, and you'll actually be covered if the worst were to happen.

There are a couple of types of import cars:

Grey Imports

These cars are imported from another country without using the manufacturer's original distribution system. This means that they're not always designed for the market they're being brought into, so specifications can vary massively from what would be standard in the UK. Insurers might decide not to insure grey imports, or may charge a much higher premium.

Parallel Imports

These cars are imported from countries which have similar standards and specifications to the destination. Usually people will purchase a parallel import because they're available sooner, can be cheaper, and there might be a different model variation than was released in the UK. You're more likely to find straightforward car insurance with a parallel import as the risks are more familiar.

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