Cheap Black Box Insurance

What's a black box? How does it work?

A black box (or telematics), is a small device which is installed in your car to keep an eye on how you drive. It was originally created for young drivers facing really high premiums, to help reduce the cost of their insurance - as long as the insurer has proof that they're a careful driver. A black box keeps track of things like:

  • Where you're driving
  • The time of day/night you're driving
  • Your speed
  • How quickly you accelerate
  • How sharply you brake
  • How you take corners
  • The types of road you drive on
  • If you're involved in an accident

This information is recorded and sent back to your insurer, so they can analyse your driving habits and charge your premium accordingly.

It's worth bearing in mind that the device is not just associated with the way you drive your car, so if you have a named driver, make sure they're careful too. If you drive a lot at night this can also make a difference - statistics prove that more accidents happen at night, so these habits can impact your premium.

How can I use telematics to reduce my premium?

Basically, you need to show you're a safe and conscientious driver. Follow the speed limit, stay within your annual mileage, brake and accelerate smoothly, avoid late-night trips, and take corners carefully.

It's worth mentioning that black boxes aren't just for new or young drivers. Although primarily chosen by 17 to 24-year-olds, there aren't actually any age restrictions. So older drivers, those who have a speeding conviction, or those who have previously been in an accident can all benefit from using telematics insurance.

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