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Car insurance can sometimes prove to be very expensive when you don't go about it the correct way. Here are some helpful tips and hints on how to save on your car insurance using

Use our comparison engine

Use our comparison engine to find a great cheap quote. Our website simply combines your information and sends it on to more than 90 insurers and brokers and we return a quote for you. This on it's own can save you alot of money!

Ensure you are getting the right cover

Once you have found your cheap quotes, it is essential you check that you are getting the right cover for you. For example sometimes fully comprehensive cover can prove much cheaper than third party (although that does seem counter intuitive) so please do a few different quotes to get what you require.

Tweaking your job description

This may sound rather strange but some professions are deemed safer by insurance companies so pick your profession wisely (obviously, it must be legit or your insurance wont be worth anything) but there is room to manouver with your job title to save you money.

Other helpful tips

A few other things you may consider looking into are, Multi-car discounts options as well as specialist womens insurance and specialist young person insurance. Doing a comparison quote on our website at different times of the month is also very worth while as prices can often fluctuate. All of these tips can help you save your money!

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