Cheap Electric Car Insurance

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as people become more environmentally conscious, and fuel prices continue to rise. Getting the best deal on your electric vehicle insurance is the same as it is for any car insurance: just shop around and find the policy that fits your wants and needs appropriately. Specific electric car insurance is a must-have for the modern EV owner, designed to match the unique technology of your vehicle. It might be pricier, given that high-tech components are more expensive to fix, but as EVs become the norm, it’s likely those costs will reduce over time.

Why is EV insurance special? What’s the difference?

While it's got all the usual cover (accidents, theft, damage), it also includes coverage for some electric-specific features and concerns:

  • The battery is the heart of an EV and can be very expensive to replace. Electric car insurance often includes coverage for battery damage or malfunction, something not relevant in gasoline cars.
  • Since electric cars need to be charged, insurance might cover the charging cable and any damage caused by charging, including theft of the cable or charging equipment.
  • Electric cars can be damaged by electrical surges during charging, so some electric car policies specifically cover this risk.
  • EVs require specialised knowledge to repair. Insurance might offer access to or cover costs for repairs at facilities specifically equipped to handle electric vehicles.
  • Given that electric vehicle batteries can potentially catch fire after an impact, some policies might offer increased liability cover to handle any additional risks posed by the high-voltage battery.

By covering these specific concerns, electric car insurance takes into account the unique aspects of owning and driving an electric vehicle.

Just some of the great car insurance brands included

Ageas (1) AXA Budget Sterling GoSkippy (1) Hastings Direct

Why compare your electric car insurance?

To save you money, of course! By sifting through over 100 electric car insurance options, can uncover deals for your electric car that you might not come across anywhere else. We do the heavy lifting by comparing top insurance providers, freeing you from the hassle.

Nobody enjoys parting with their hard-earned money, especially on something as sensible as insurance. Yet given how common accidents are, securing electric car insurance is essential. Whether it's guarding against past mishaps or future uncertainties, getting insured safeguards you against unforeseen events.

Get started on your savings journey with’s user-friendly quote engine, and compare prices effortlessly today!

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