Cheap Gap Insurance

Brought a new car and want to check if you're getting the best deal on your gap insurance? With this online comparison service you can compare our range of suppliers to make sure you're not paying over the odds with dealership gap insurance.

When you're picking up a nice, new shiny car you're offered gap insurance to cover the difference should something unfortunate should happen.

Just some of the great gap insurance brands included

Directgap Tldallas Alternative Insurance Brokers Best4gap Dicksonco

Why compare?

There is a panel of specialist gap insurance providers looking to help provide you with cover regardless of your vehicle type or whether its brand new, just new to you. Click the button above and start comparing prices now!

Gap insurance

Gap insurance helps cover the costs between what your normal car insurance pays out and the cost of a brand new replacement vehicle. Gap stands for 'Guaranteed Asset Protection' and is an addition to your main motor insurance policy, it never replaces it.

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