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GAP insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection, is an optional insurance which comes into force if your vehicle is declared a ‘total loss’ due to an accident, theft, or damage. It basically tops up the monetary difference between what your insurance provider pays out, and what you need to buy a new or equivalent model of vehicle.

Cars can depreciate within their first three years by as much as 60%, and your regular car insurance is likely to only cover the market value of your vehicle at the time of the incident. Say your car cost £10,000 and has depreciated by 30% at the time of its write-off - that means your payout is £7,000. This kind of shortfall is exactly what GAP cover is for, so you’re not out of pocket. GAP insurance will top up your insurance payout with an additional £3,000 to cover the full cost of a new or equivalent car, or to clear any outstanding finance on your old vehicle.

Choosing the right type of GAP insurance depends on how you bought your car and the things you want covered. There are several types of GAP insurance to suit different needs, so click here to learn more before you make a decision.

Ensure you're not overpaying for GAP insurance by using our online comparison engine. Skip the dealership's pricey offers and find affordable coverage from a panel of specialist providers, whether your vehicle is brand new or just new to you. Our quick and easy quote engine helps you compare prices and save money. Click here and start comparing prices now!

Just some of the great gap insurance brands included

Direct GAP Save More Money GAP Motoreasy GAP
Useful gap insurance faqs
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Types of GAP Insurance Find out more the different types of GAP insurance here, including RTI and Vehicle Replacement.
GAP Insurance: FAQs
GAP Insurance: FAQs Frequently asked questions regarding GAP vehicle insurance. Find out more about Guaranteed Asset Protection here.

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