Return to Invoice GAP Insurance

Return to Invoice (RTI)

So you buy a shiny new car for £30,000, but a year later disaster strikes, and your car is a total loss in an accident. Your regular insurance only pays out £22,000, which is the current market value. What about the £8,000 difference? That’s where Return to Invoice (RTI) insurance comes in.

RTI insurance ensures you get back exactly what you paid for your car, not just its depreciated value. Whether your car is stolen, written off, or damaged beyond repair, RTI covers the gap between your insurance pay out and the original purchase price. So, in our scenario, RTI would give you that missing £8,000, bringing your total pay out back up to £30,000.

It’s like a financial safety net to keep you out of a money pit if the unexpected happens. Plus, you can usually purchase RTI insurance within a few months of buying your car, making it a convenient and wise investment.

Just some of the great gap insurance brands included

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