Return to Value GAP Insurance

Return to Value (RTV)

You bought a car three years ago for £20,000, and today its market value is £12,000. Unfortunately, your car gets written off in an accident. Your standard insurance will only pay out the current value of £12,000, but that doesn’t cover the higher cost of a similar replacement.

RTV GAP insurance steps in to cover the difference between your insurance pay out and the car's value at the time you bought the RTV policy. So, if you bought RTV insurance when your car was valued at £15,000, and it becomes a total loss, you’ll get the extra £3,000, making your total pay out £15,000.

This type of insurance can be purchased at any time, not just when you buy the car. It’s perfect for those who want ongoing protection as their car ages. RTV GAP insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that no matter when you buy the policy, you’ll be covered for the car’s value at that time, protecting you from the sting of depreciation.

Just some of the great gap insurance brands included

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