Cheap Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long travel trips are becoming very popular, these types of trips were previously taken by students on a gap year before starting university but are also now being taken by a larger number of career driven travelers looking for a extended break from work or just to try something different. Touring America or visiting the remote reaches of Australia, it’s these types of trips that many people can plan for their entire lives but never actually get round to taking.

Recent trends have shown companies and employers are becoming increasingly flexible in allowing staff to take a few months off to gain new experiences through travel.

Just some of the great travel insurance brands included

Direct Travel Fit2travel Holidayinsurance Allsafe Top Dog Fit4 Travel is able to assist with two types of policies, for travelers under thirty five years of age the adventure travel insurance policy can be put in place and for those aged thirty six and over the long stay travel insurance policy provides competitive cover at a great rate. Both policies include over forty adventure sports and can be upgraded to suit your individual needs.