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Here at, we like nothing better than to find a great deal. Online comparison services do this for you, finding affordable vehicle breakdown cover at competitive rates with the best breakdown companies.

It can be hard to find the breakdown policy you need with the massive range and variety of insurance policies offering it. understands this, and wants to help you find what you need. From UK breakdown cover, to homestart, to European breakdown, you can find all kinds of cover using our comparison site.


A Brief Guide to Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover makes sound financial sense, particularly if you're driving regularly. It gives you a fallback if you have issues with your car, and improves both your security and safety on the road.

Cars of today (what with all these technological advancements) are far more difficult to fix yourself, which is why it's easier and safer to leave any problems to the professionals. You can keep yourself out of harm's way and get on with your day with vehicle breakdown insurance.

There are two types of breakdown cover:
Personal Breakdown Cover
Personal cover is suited to the driver of the vehicle, irrespective of the car they're driving. This type of policy is popular with those who regularly drive more than one type of vehicle, such as sharing a car with your partner or company.

Vehicle-Specific Breakdown Cover
Vehicle-specific cover is the opposite, and insures the vehicle rather than who's driving it. This can be useful where one vehicle is used by several members of the family.

Whichever one you opt for, you'll be able to decide the benefits you want, and your monthly or annual premium will reflect this.

There are three levels of breakdown cover:
Roadside Breakdown Cover
This is the most basic level of breakdown cover, and provides callout protection. Bear in mind that some policies might cap the amount of callouts you're entitled to.

National Breakdown Cover
The next one up is National, which includes callout protection as well as transportation for both you and your vehicle. Homestart protection covers vehicles or drivers when their transport isn't at their home location, which can be extremely beneficial if you have an important journey to make but cannot get your car going.

European Breakdown Cover
The last level of breakdown cover, European cover might be something you choose in addition to your basic breakdown cover. It'll give you piece of mind if you're involved in an accident or breakdown when journeying through Europe.

Just some of the great breakdown insurance brands included

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Why compare breakdown insurance with us?

Our breakdown cover comparison is one of the quickest and easiest ways to view some of the best deals on the market. Almost every motorist can compare prices and get the cover they need with

Cheap Breakdown Cover

If your vehicle doesn't start, or you encounter problems during a journey, you need to know you've got options. Should the unfortunate occur, it's safer and cheaper to have breakdown cover in place. So get a quote with us today, and compare top providers for vehicle breakdown insurance.

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