Cheap Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Breakdown insurance is a smart choice, especially if you're on the road a lot. Naturally, breakdowns happen at the worst moment, or in the worst place, so having breakdown cover can make you feel much safer. You’ll get roadside help when you need it most, with trained experts ready to get your vehicle up and running or at least tow it to a garage. Just double-check that you don’t already have it attached to your car insurance or bank account.

The first type of breakdown cover is personal breakdown, and covers the driver regardless of the car they’re using. It can usually be extended to up to four people living at the same address, and is ideal for those who drive multiple vehicles or share them with the household.

The second type is vehicle-specific breakdown cover, which covers the vehicle regardless of who’s driving it. It’s particularly useful if multiple people share one car.

Whichever type of cover you’re after, make sure you read our guide on the different levels of cover available to you. There are additional cover benefits you might be interested in as well, but remember that these might impact your policy premium.

Why would I need breakdown cover?

There are plenty of common vehicle issues which might leave you stranded. For example:

  • Flat or faulty batteries are frequently the cause of roadside assistance. Regular driving keeps the battery charged, but after long periods of inactivity or accidents like leaving your lights on, it can become drained. Trickle chargers can extend battery life, but remember, batteries usually last around five years.

  • Punctures, road debris, and uneven wear can easily cause faults with the tyres or wheels of your vehicle. You need to regularly check your tyre pressure, tread depth (1.6mm), and make sure your spare tyre and tools are road-ready.

  • The alternator charges your battery, and if it’s not working properly your car’s electrical system will fail. Dimming headlights, slow wipers, or a battery warning light will indicate to you that this could fast become an issue.

  • If your engine won’t start, it could be a starter motor failure. Modern cars with stop/start technology put extra strain on starter motors, so be vigilant. Regular maintenance can help detect problems early.

  • Running out of fuel, or misfuelling your vehicle, happens surprisingly often. Of course, running out of fuel can be easily avoided with planning, but if you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle you’ll need to act quickly to minimise the damage.

  • Overheating in hot weather or heavy traffic is definitely a risk. If your temperature warning light comes on, you should immediately seek help. Avoid this by checking your coolant level and system regularly.

  • Your car's electrical system can cause breakdowns via faulty wiring, burned-out bulbs, or blown fuses. While you might be able to manage some small electrical issues yourself, more complex ones might require a mechanic.

Having breakdown cover is safer and cheaper than the alternatives you might face if you have problems during your journey, or your vehicle won’t start. makes it quick and easy to get the cover you need with our simple quote engine - compare top providers and find the perfect policy by clicking here!

Just some of the great breakdown insurance brands included

2Gether Insurance One Call (1) NOVA (1) GEM Motoring Assist Eversure (1) Rescue My Car (1) Start Rescue
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