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Top 5 breakdown causes

1. Flat / Faulty Battery – Many of us have encountered the flat or faulty battery whether it is after a long holiday or not using the vehicle for a prolonged period of time to leaving the lights or stereo on. Corrosion can also create problems here with the terminal or clamps often causing a connection problem.
2. Flat tyres - An understandable problem and often unavoidable although many motorists don’t check their tyre pressures often enough.
3. Alternators - Whilst there is not a great deal the average motorist can do to maintain the alternator, looking out for the signs of future problems can save you a costly problem at the side of the road. Is you battery warning light flashing on the dashboard, are highlights dimming when the engine is idling or are windscreen wipers slowing? All potential signs of a alternator problem.
4. Start motor - Its simple, if the starter motor fails your engine will not start. Regular garage visits can help highlight faults with the start motor.
5. Fuel - Every week, hundreds of motorists put the wrong type of fuel into their cars or simply run out at the side of the road.

Breakdown repair insurance

Breakdown cover is a form of insurance, should your vehicle encounter a fault and leave you stranded the cover in place helps with breakdown assistance, Roadside assistance will be provided under the policy with no additional costs, however, it is important to note that parts are not covered by these policies.

Road Traffic Accidents

When your car is damaged in a road traffic accident you may need assistance from a breakdown patrol to get back on the road. Although most policies in the UK will not cover road traffic accidents the breakdown company may still be able to recover your vehicle but these costs will need to be met by you or paid by your vehicle insurance policy.

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