Cheap Gadget Insurance

If you are into your gadgets and tech and you take these items with you wherever you go then an insurance policy covering them is very important! There is nothing worse than having your nice phone stolen, damaged or lost so get your gadget covered today!

Gadget Cover

Award winning gadget cover with 25 years of experience. Cover includes 1 month free, option loss cover (depending on products) and accessories cover of up to £150.

Gadget Buddy

Gadget insurance made simple... Gadget Buddy offer cover for both individual devices but also multi gadget discounts and worldwide cover is included as standard.

What is a gadget?

A gadget or gizmo is any electronic device that can be easily carried around with you, items such as mobile phones, MP3 players and Sat Nav devices.These items are becoming more important in everyday life with almost everyone now possessing a mobile phone. Get all your prized possessions insured with gadget insurance. We compare several insurers that will cover almost all your gadgets.

Gadget Insurance

Here at, we allow you to compare several gadget insurance companies all in one place so you can cover your nice shiny gadget from the unexpected. No longer worry if you lose your prized gadget possessions like your smart phones or ipad and iphone as you can get fully covered today!