Cheap iPhone Insurance

Apple iPhones are fast becoming the most popular mobile phone and must have gadget and accessory. A huge following await with anticipation every announcement from Apple regarding their latest products and updates. The iPhone 4 is a great piece of gadgetry but it comes at a cost! The £500 you would be paying for your new iPhone is a lot of money and it needs to be covered incase the worst does happen.

Gadget Cover

Award winning gadget cover with 25 years of experience. Cover includes 1 month free, option loss cover (depending on products) and accessories cover of up to £150.

Gadget Buddy

Gadget insurance made simple... Gadget Buddy offer cover for both individual devices but also multi gadget discounts and worldwide cover is included as standard.

Here at, you can compare a number of iPhone insurance providers to get cover as required, can even get it covered worldwide whilst you are on your travels!

Get you iPhone insurance by comparing with as the insurance in store can often be expensive and overpriced and does not always provide you with ample cover to protect your new piece of tech!

Whether you have a 2G, 3G, 3GS or even lucky enough to own the iPhone 4, compare rates online now and see if you can save!