Breakdown Insurance: Levels of Cover

Breakdown cover provides crucial support if your vehicle experiences a mechanical issue. This cover can help get your vehicle back on the road, towed to a garage for repairs, or even taken to a destination of your choice. Here are the main categories of breakdown cover to help you choose the right policy:

Home Start: This cover is essential if you break down close to your home, typically within a set number of miles. A mechanic will come to your vehicle and attempt to repair it. If they can't fix it, they will arrange to tow it to a local garage. Standard policies usually only cover breakdowns away from home, but home start can be added as an optional extra to get assistance right from your driveway or nearby.

Roadside Assistance: The most basic level of breakdown cover, roadside assistance provides help to restart your car at the roadside if you break down at least a quarter of a mile from home. This type of policy is included in almost all breakdown cover options, ensuring you have callout protection when stranded mid-journey. Note that some policies might limit the number of callouts you're entitled to.

National Recovery: If your vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside, this cover ensures it is towed to any location in the UK. National recovery includes callout protection and transportation for both you and your vehicle, offering extensive coverage for those who travel frequently.

Local Recovery: Similar to national recovery, but limited to towing your vehicle to a local garage if it can't be repaired at the roadside. This is a good option if you generally stay within a specific area.

Onward Journey: This cover helps you continue your journey if your vehicle can’t be repaired at the roadside. It covers the cost of a replacement vehicle, public transport, or even overnight accommodation. Onward travel cover can be added to your breakdown policy for extra peace of mind.

European Cover: If you need breakdown support while driving in Europe, this level of cover encompasses various countries and lengths of time (depending on the provider). It makes sure you have access to a mechanic if your vehicle needs repairs abroad. However, you must always check that the countries you plan to visit are included in your policy.

When it comes to choosing a breakdown cover policy, make sure to consider your options so you get the appropriate level of cover to suit your driving habits and travel plans.

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