Advanced Driving Course Guide

What is an advanced driving course?

Advanced driving courses are like taking a masterclass in driving, enhancing the skills you already have and using them in challenging situations beyond a normal driving lesson. Not only do they help to make you a safer driver, but they can reduce your car insurance premium, and even boost career opportunities. Anyone with a full UK driver's licence can do one, but it's important that you have the time commitment, finances, and desire to improve your driving before you enrol. An advanced driving course is an investment in your driving abilities, potentially giving you benefits both on and off the road.

What will I learn?

  • Road awareness and hazard perception
  • Safe driving techniques for differing weather conditions (rain, fog, ice)
  • High-speed driving on motorways and dual carriageways
  • Night-time driving visibility and awareness
  • Adapting driving skills for both rural and urban environments
  • Speed control and its impact on safety
  • Mastery of both automatic and manual transmissions
  • Efficient driving to conserve fuel and reduce wear and tear
  • Anticipation, planning, and vehicle control
  • Navigating complex junctions and country roads
  • Understanding the behaviour of other road users
  • Optimal use of gears and brakes for efficiency

Why should I take one?

Taking an advanced driving course is a smart move for a few reasons. Firstly, it significantly enhances your driving skills, making you a safer driver on the road. Naturally this reduces your risk of being involved in an accident, but also catches the eye of insurance providers who might offer lower car insurance premiums to drivers with advanced training. It's also beneficial for those in the emergency services, such as paramedics, but also just for older drivers looking to refresh their skills and adapt to new driving challenges.

Do I have to pay for it?

As for the cost of an advanced driving course - yes, you'll have to pay for it. The price will vary depending on the course itself and the provider you go with. The Pass Plus scheme cost, for example, depends on your location, the course duration, and the instructor you choose; and some councils even offer Pass Plus discounts. IAM RoadSmart courses cost anywhere from £65 to £175, and the AA offer courses for around £35 an hour. It's really dependent on the kind of training you're after, the time you can commit, and how much you're willing to spend on focusing your safe driving skills.

Does this mean I’ll get cheaper car insurance?

Completing an advanced driving course could lead to cheaper car insurance, as insurers often view drivers with advanced training as safer and therefore less likely to be involved in accidents. The extent of savings will vary though, based on factors like your profession, how much you drive, and the type of car you have. While not all car insurance providers will offer a discount for completing an advanced driving course, the skills you gain can help you avoid accidents and build a valuable no-claims bonus over time. Even if the discount doesn't fully cover the cost of the course, the improved safety and driving skills can be worth the investment. Always remember to shop around to find the best insurance deal - to see how much you could save, it's best to compare quotes from different insurers, which you can do here at Click here to get started, and see if you can lower your car insurance with an advanced driving course.

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