Carriage of Goods for Hire and Reward / Courier Van Insurance

Anyone who uses a van for delivering goods in exchange for payment needs this type of insurance. This includes freelance couriers, courier companies, and businesses that offer delivery services as part of their operations. Regular commercial van insurance might not cover goods for hire and reward, meaning that couriers can be at financial risk if parcels or packages are lost, stolen, or damaged. The legal and financial complications of an accident without proper cover can also be devastating for a courier business. Courier van insurance meets legal requirements as well as providing peace of mind, so you can keep doing your job knowing there’s protection against the unique risks of the delivery industry.

Here's a more detailed look at what this type of commercial van insurance typically includes:

Goods In Transit Cover

This is critical for your courier business, as it protects the goods you’re delivering against loss, damage, and theft while in transit. This makes sure that if your delivery is compromised, you’re covered for the value of the goods.

Liability Insurance

This includes both public liability and employer’s liability insurance. Public liability protects against claims made by third parties for injury or damage caused by your delivery activities, while employer's liability is essential if you employ other drivers or handlers, covering you if they get injured on the job.

Accidental Damage & Theft Cover

Offers protection for your vehicle against accidental damage, vandalism, and theft. This is particularly important for couriers, as their vehicles are often targets due to the valuable goods they carry.

Breakdown Cover

Many courier van policies offer or recommend adding breakdown cover. This would make sure that if your vehicle breaks down during a delivery, you can minimise downtime by receiving roadside assistance or recovery services.

It might also be worth considering replacement van cover, which can be invaluable if your primary business vehicle is out of action due to accident or repair. Personal accident cover can also be useful, providing financial support in the event of an injury while working. is a good way to find competitive deals on courier van insurance. Compare multiple quotes in one place from over 60 van insurers, and save yourself the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Fill out your quick quote here today, and get the cover you need to run your courier business properly.

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