Cheap Private Van Insurance

Private, or social, van insurance is intended for individuals who own a van for non-commercial use. This includes a range of personal uses, like hobbies, popping to the shop, visiting friends/family, going on holiday, or even just as your mode of transportation. Be aware, a private van insurance policy explicitly excludes any business-related activities, including commuting to a single place of work. If you need that kind of coverage, you should consider a commercial van insurance policy.

The three main types of private van insurance are:
Third party only (TPO), which protects an individual against liability if you injure a third party or cause damage to their property. Legally, you are required to have this on your car insurance policy, although TPO does not cover the driver for damage, loss, or theft to your van.

Third party, fire, and theft (TPFT) is the same as third party only, except it offers additional cover for the theft of your van, as well as fire damage.

Fully comprehensive coverage offers protection for accidental damage, fire and theft as well as liability towards a third party's property. Most importantly, fully comp insurance can pay for damage to your van and property no matter whose fault the accident was.

Policyholders can usually customise their van insurance with optional add-ons like breakdown cover, windscreen repair, and legal expenses insurance, which will give you a more tailored insurance solution for your specific needs.

Private van insurance makes sure that if you’re using your van for personal reasons, you’re adequately protected against a range of risks, from accidents and theft to legal liability for damages caused to others. By distinguishing between private and commercial use, it means you have a clear idea of the kind of insurance you need to ensure both appropriate cover and peace of mind. makes finding for a great deal on private van insurance easy. We pull together quotes from multiple providers all in one place, so you don't have to waste time or effort doing it yourself. Click here to begin searching for your van insurance today!

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