Haulage Van Insurance

Haulage van insurance is designed for businesses transporting goods under contract across long distances, usually for a series of deliveries. Because of the distances and jurisdictions involved, regular commercial van insurance might not offer adequate protection to do this, which means specialised haulage insurance is critical. It’s tailored to the needs of haulage operators involved in the long-haul transport of goods, whether these are industrial materials, retail products, or any other cargo, to ensure the smooth operation of their business, and safeguarding against potentially significant financial losses.

Here’s a look at what haulage insurance can include:

Goods In Transit Cover

Essential for haulage, this covers the goods being transported against loss, theft, or damage while en route. Given the high value of goods often carried in haulage work, this cover is crucial for financial protection.

Public Liability Insurance

Protects the haulier against claims made by third parties for injuries or damages caused by their operations. This is particularly important given the potential for accidents or damage during loading and unloading.

Vehicle Cover

Includes comprehensive protection for the vehicle itself against accidents, theft, and damage. Considering the extensive usage and distances covered by haulage vehicles, this coverage is vital for continuous business output.

European Cover

Many haulage operations involve crossing international borders, especially within the European Union. Haulage insurance can include cover for international travel, meeting the legal requirements of different countries.

If you employ drivers or other support staff, you are legally responsible for taking out employer’s liability insurance, in case of injury or illness as a result of their work. It might also be worth considering breakdown cover, which can be invaluable given the distances involved in long-distance haulage. For haulage across borders, you should offer continental cover (or foreign use) van insurance cover - this is crucial for making sure your vehicle and goods are covered, and comply with international road regulations.

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