Cheap Van Insurance Helpful Hints

Before van owners can discern between the best policies, they need to understand what factors will influence the cost and effectiveness of their cover. Such factors taken into consideration are vehicle weight, the location it is registered to, where it will be kept and the age, experience and record of the driver(s) on the policy.

It is vital that when taking out a policy these details are entered with a high degree of accuracy. In the event of an accident, if the insurance firm discovers they have been provided with inaccurate information the policy may be void.

There are choices that van drivers can make to keep premiums down, especially if they consider the cost of insurance before buying a vehicle. For example, smaller models, like car-derived vans, can be cheaper to insure as they are considered to be more environmentally friendly and easier to drive. Insuring a van in the countryside is often cheaper as statistically more accidents happen in cities than in rural areas. Restricting the number of drivers on the policy also keeps the price down, especially if those named are all over 25 years old. The age of a vehicle can also be considered by insurance companies. Older vehicles are more likely to break down and therefore can entail a higher premium when it comes to cover. No claims bonuses that drivers have accrued on their personal cars may also help them lower the cost of their van insurance, as in theory, the bonuses prove that they are a good driver.

The one other thing to consider when insuring a van is whether or not to take out a personal or commercial policy. According to the Autonet Insurance Group: "If the use of a van is for transporting goods or passengers for reward; hiring a van, or use of the van for paid driving instruction, then you require commercial van insurance for use of your van."

Commercial van insurance can be more expensive so make sure you need it!

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