Cheap Commercial Van Insurance

Commercial (or business) van insurance is designed to cover the use of your van for business purposes. The nature of use, cover requirements, and risks associated with these things, mean that you need to consider the different types of commercial van insurance.

Carriage of Own Goods Van Insurance


Carriage of Goods for Hire and Reward / Courier Van Insurance

Standard commercial van insurance might not cover you to deliver parcels and goods in exchange for payment. This means that if your delivery is lost, stolen, or damaged, you are not covered for the financial risk. This specialised van insurance not only meets legal requirements but also provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your operations knowing you’re protected against the unique risks of the industry.

Haulage Van Insurance

Haulage insurance is different from courier insurance in that it’s aimed to cover vehicles transporting larger loads across longer distances, under a contract. Regular van insurance might not offer protection for doing this, so specialised haulage insurance is a critical requirement. Haulage van insurance takes into account the fact that you’re likely to go farther and there may be different jurisdictions involved, so as well as legal compliance you’re also covered for the financial risk of doing so. This type of insurance is particularly suited for van and truck drivers, or companies, transporting all kinds of goods, whether these are industrial materials, retail products, or any other cargo.

Fleet Van Insurance

Fleet van insurance offers an efficient way for businesses to manage the insurance for multiple vans and vehicles. It streamlines their cover under a single policy, and means that you can adapt or change coverage as the fleet grows or changes. Comprehensive cover and customisable policy options makes this a good option if businesses want to optimise their vehicle operations.

Additional Cover

When considering commercial van insurance, or business van insurance, you should consider the following. They are sometimes add-ons, but might also be included in your van policy:

  • Goods In Transit Insurance - covers the goods you're transporting against loss, theft, or damage while inside your commercial vehicle.
  • Public Liability Insurance - covers the cost of claims made by the public for incidents that occur due to your business operations, including the use of your van.
  • Employer's Liability Insurance - this is a legal requirement if you have employees driving or working around the van: it protects against the costs of claims made by employees due to injury or illness caused by their work.

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