Fleet Van Insurance

This type of insurance is useful for businesses which own and operate multiple vans, or any organisation requiring the use of several vehicles. It’s designed to cover all of the vehicles in a company’s fleet (regardless of size), under one policy, providing cover for a variety of uses and risks and streamlining administrative needs. You can adapt the cover you need as your fleet grows or changes, and this simplified approach to vehicle insurance can lead to significant savings.

Here’s an in-depth look at fleet insurance:

Goods In Transit Cover

For fleets involved in the transport of goods, coverage for goods in transit can be included to protect against loss, theft, or damage while they’re being moved.

Comprehensive Coverage

Fleet insurance policies typically offer comprehensive coverage, which includes protection against theft, fire, vandalism, and accidental damage to vehicles, as well as third-party liability for injuries or damages caused by the fleet.

Simplified Administration

Fleet insurance reduces the amount of paperwork and administration associated with managing insurance for several different vans or vehicles. Your fleet will be covered under a single policy, with one renewal date, and one set of documents.


Businesses can often save money by insuring multiple vehicles on one policy instead of insuring them individually. Insurers sometimes offer discounts for bulk coverage, due to combined risk management.

Fleet van insurance policies are highly customisable, so that as a business you can adjust them to suit your specific needs. This would include the type of vehicles you need covering, the nature of their use, and the risk levels. It’s worth thinking about adding breakdown cover, so that if a van in your fleet encounters issues, they can get prompt assistance and there’s less of an impact on your business operations. Some fleet policies even offer business interruption cover, which can provide financial compensation if your fleet is unable to operate due to an insured loss, helping to reduce the impact on your company.

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