Compare Business Credit Cards

Looking for a card tailored towards your business requirements? Whether you have a large or a small company and whatever your field, use to find and apply for a business credit card. You can compare card fees, rates, reward points, exclusive offers, travel credits, options to personalise your card with your brand or logo and options to hold multiple cards on you account.

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Business Card Benefits

A business credit card allows you to manage your company finances more flexibly and not be so reliant on your debtors to fund any buying you need to do. They allow staff to buy items and services they need for work without having to meet the cost themselves and then submit an expenses claim. It can be seen as a mark of trust in your employees, as well as making it easier to keep track of spending.

Business Card Negatives

Just as with a personal credit card, it can be tempting to spend more than you should with a business card, so it’s important to be careful. There is a danger that employees will misuse the card, so companies need to be careful about who they allow to use their credit facility