Compare Travel Credit Cards

If you fly with one airline consistently, these cards can be a very good option. They are not for people who carry a balance, because interest rates tend to be quite high. Rates have risen steadily during the past few years. With we search some great credit card deals to help you save money and collect air miles with your favourite airline.

Travel Credit Card Benefits

You will earn miles each time you spend on your card. Some deals give additional benefits such as access to airport lounges. They are obviously aimed at frequent fliers but the way you can spend the miles you collect and the generosity of the reward scheme varies so pick the card that is most suitable for your needs. There’s no point in applying for a card if you won’t make use of the benefits.

Travel Credit Card Negatives

An airline card, or any reward credit card, is only worth considering if you pay your balance off in full each month. Otherwise, the interest you are charged on your outstanding debt will outweigh the value of the miles you collect.