Cheap Airport Parking Long Stay

The long stay car parks are official on airport options usually managed and regulated by the local airport authority. Simply drive up to the entrance barrier, which will issue a ticket and rise once the ticket is taken similar to most city centre car parks. From here you can find a free parking space and unload your vehicle, making your way to either the terminal or the transfer bus stop depending on the airport and particular car park. On your return, if no pre-booking has been placed, simply enter your payment card and parking ticket and the car park will take the owed fees for parking.

At almost all of the long stay car park options you will have to take your keys away whilst you travel and whilst the compounds are not as secure as the off airport block parking car parks, you are safe in the knowledge that no one will be driving your vehicle.

Prices at the official long stay car parks can be expensive if not pre-booked with prices changing between airports. At the time of printing this Luton airport was up to seventeen pounds per day depending on length of stay if paying on your return, by pre-book you can save as much as sixty percent.

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