Cheap Short Term Airport Parking

The short term parking options, although covered by almost all the car parks we offer, are usually more confined to the official on airport car parks closer to the terminal. Those that are looking for just a couple of hours parking don’t want the hassle of a fifteen minute bus journey when the short stay car park is within easy walking distance and it here where the pricing of the short stay appeals. By paying by the hour or certain time block the car park offers you can often save a bit of money compared to the long stay car parks where prices are by the day. Please bear in mind though that a period of just a couple of hours can often be as much as the long stay price for a day and you should always consider the long stay just in case.

Most customers prefer the short stay regardless of the fact the high rates are in place because being parked next to the terminal really is as easy as it gets. Unload you car and use the special walkways connecting the terminal with the car park (dependant upon airport), sometimes you do not even have to go outside.

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