Electric bicycle Insurance

Electric bicycles are a greener way to travel with zero emissions, they are good for the environment and your health. They also have the added ability to help you on those hills. So whether you are using your bike to commute or just leisurely rides, there is always the risk of incident. This is where insurance comes in.

If you own an electric bicycle it isn’t law that you have to have insurance in England, Scotland and Wales, Northern Island is different though where the electric bicycles are in the same category as mopeds and need to be insured.

Insurance is wise though even if it isn’t compulsory, as to replace an electric bike can be costly. 

Whether you need to cover for an accident, loss, damage or public liability this comparison service can help find the cover that you’re looking for.

Just provide some details to get a number of quotes from top UK bicycle insurers.

Just some of the great bicycle insurance brands included

Yellow Jersey Eversure Cycleplan Covercloud Assetsure Churchill Laka Pedalsure