Cheap Car Hire Excess Insurance

What is an Excess?

Our car hire agreements usually include cover for Collision Damage and Theft however you are still liable to pay a portion of the damage caused by collision or theft and this is what is known as an Excess.

The excess works much like a deposit and is usually paid upfront upon collection of your car and returned to you upon returning the vehicle without any damage. If there is damage then the value of the damage will be taken from your excess and what is left over, if any, is returned to you. If the damage caused exceeds the excess you paid, you will not be charged extra. Excess Waivers

Clearly, car hire excess insurance is obviously an important aspect of any car rental incase you run into any trouble or accidents on your journey. At most of our hire cars come with optional insurance in the form of a damage excess waiver. A damage excess waiver means that any accidental damage to your car will be paid by our car hire provider. Although this waiver does exclude damage to tyres, windows, the interior and loss of keys a "Total Damage Excess Waiver" can be added to cover everything at an extra cost.

It is important to remember to add these things upon purchase of your rental car as not including could add up to alot of money in the long run if the worse does indeed happen! If you do happen to forget to add your damage excess waiver then you can add it on upon collection but this is not provided by our car rental provider and can be more expensive.

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