Cheap Learner Driver Car Insurance

If you're learning to drive, the costs of getting on the road can be really daunting. From an insurance perspective, as a learner you present a bigger risk than a seasoned driver, and this will be reflected in your car insurance premium. You'll still need car insurance if you're driving with a provisional licence. This could be because you're practicing driving outside of your lessons, you're using someone else's car, or you're planning to take your test in your own car.

However, there are things you can do to reduce your premium and save yourself money in the early days:

  • Learn at 22 - if you're under 21, you're at a higher risk to others on the road. The older you get, the more insurers consider you safer.
  • Use a car with a small engine - cars which are under 1.0L, and in insurance group 1 or 2, are ideal for learner drivers and cheaper to insure.
  • Don't modify your car - new or learner drivers (especially men), might have the urge to modify their car. But if you stick to the factory settings, this will have an impact on how much insurers charge you.
  • Be a named driver - if you're added as an additional driver on an existing policy, you're likely to get a lower insurance premium because you're not listed as the main driver, and won't be considered to be driving the car very often.
  • Get a black box - telematics monitor your driving habits, and let insurers know that you're a safe driver.
  • Temporary insurance - most people learn to drive in less than a year, so if you set up temporary learner driver insurance for this time period, you don't have to commit immediately to an annual policy.

Insurance premiums for learner drivers and newly qualified drivers can differ greatly. When you're learning, you're considered less of a risk since you're always under supervision. But when you pass your driving test, insurers will view you as a higher risk because you're now driving alone. So once you get your full licence and start insuring your own car, expect a significant increase in premiums.

Getting an affordable insurance policy for learner drivers, young drivers, students, and under-21s needn't be difficult, though. Using a comparison engine can help you find cheap car insurance quotes from multiple top car insurers in minutes. Click here to get your driving journey underway!

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