Caravan Touring in Europe

Perhaps the most exciting thing about owning a non-static caravan is the freedom it gives you to roam and explore. However, if you’re planning on heading across the pond to Europe, there are a few rules to follow and boxes to tick before you do.

Your paperwork

You’ll have to make sure you have all the paperwork you need and that your docs are in a row before hitting the road. Your passport needs to be less than ten years old (with at least three months left on it), you’ll need a travel visa if you’re staying in Europe for longer than 90 days, and each traveller should carry a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card). It’s also a good idea to take proof of insurance and MOT, too.

If you’re taking a pet or two with you, they’ll need to have had a valid rabies vaccination and an animal health certificate. This is alongside their being microchipped.

Your licence

Your standard UK driving licence will be accepted in most countries in the European Union. However, travelling outside the EU might mean you have to get a green card to prove you hold vehicle insurance and a valid MOT - bear in mind you’ll need two if you’re towing a caravan. Check the website for more information.

You should always display a UK (not GB) sticker on your vehicle, pack high-vis vests and warning triangles, and make sure you’ve adjusted your headlights for driving on the right side of the road.

Your caravan

Depending on where you plan to go, each country has different and specific regulations for caravans. For example: in France, your caravan cannot exceed 12m in length and 2.55m in width, and you need to have your headlights on during the day. Germany requires that your side mirrors are foldable, and Spain law states that you must have reflectors for caravans over 12m long.

Your caravan will also need to meet the size restrictions for the ferry or Eurotunnel, and LPG tanks will need to be turned off. The best thing to do is research thoroughly the rules and regulations for each stage of your journey, especially if you’re going to multiple countries. Have a think about food and drink too - post-Brexit, you cannot take meat or dairy products into the EU from the UK.

When you’re looking for caravan insurance, it’s worth considering if European travel is a possibility you’ll need cover for. Use our simple system to get a quick quote for your touring caravan insurance here, and start travelling safely!

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