Static Caravan Insurance

Static or residential caravans are permanent structures which act more as a residence, often located on caravan sites near amenities such as shops or cafes. This means that they need insurance closer to home insurance than car insurance. Static caravans usually reside on a caravan park site, and it may be that you are required to have cover depending on where this is. For example, variables such as flood risk can affect the coverage available to you.

For your static caravan, it is understandable that you will want protection for the likely risks, so that your investment lasts a long time. This may include the caravan itself, the caravan contents, people inside, or any cosmetic damage. Your concerns might also include theft or fire risk, as well as accidental damage within the caravan or due to natural causes. You will want to have comprehensive insurance cover that can pay out if the worst should happen. 

Having the security of caravan insurance for your static caravan can make all the difference, and provide cover even when you’re not there. This caravan insurance comparison service can help to make sure all your priorities and concerns are insured. Click the link above to get started now!

Just some of the great caravan insurance brands included

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