Events Insurance: FAQs

Q. What is public liability events insurance?

A. Public liability insurance is essentially a way to safeguard unexpected events at an event you organise. It's designed to protect you if someone gets hurt or their property is damaged at your event due to your negligence. Negligence sounds like quite a heavy term, but it simply means that along the line there was a failure in your duty of care which led to injury or damage.

Having this insurance in place can cover the cost if you’re sued for these things happening, including fees for legal help and replacement property. All sorts of things might end up happening - tripping over a cable or loose carpet, damage to the floor while moving equipment, or even a stray cork flying through a window.

Essentially, being covered for public liability is about giving you peace of mind and a safety net if accidents happen, even if they’re not your fault. It’s a layer of financial protection for any event, big or small.

Q. What kind of cover can I expect?

A. The kind of cover you’ll get with a public liability event insurance policy, will vary depending on the provider. Some might include public liability as part of a wider package, also including cover for adverse weather conditions, or event cancellation.

When it comes to specific public liability insurance though, here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Legal fees in the event someone claims against you.
  • Compensation costs if someone is injured or dies.
  • Cost of necessary repairs or replacements if someone else’s property or belongings get damaged.
  • Indemnity against food or drink supplied by you.

Public liability insurance is there so that if something goes wrong, you’re not facing the financial repercussions alone.

Q. Do I need public liability insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement to get event insurance, but some places might ask for proof you’ve got public liability before you’re able to book the venue.

However it’s a good idea to consider, especially if you’ve already spent a lot on the event itself. You don’t want to be caught short if an unexpected claim comes your way.

Q. What's the difference between public liability and employer's liability insurance?

Here’s how to clarify the differences between these two types of insurance.

First up, public liability insurance. It isn’t mandatory, but it’s useful. It protects you from claims made by members of the public who might get injured or incur property damage due to your event.

On the other hand, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ staff, even just one person. In fact, not having it can lead to daily fines of £2,500. This insurance covers claims from your employees who might get injured or become ill because of their work.

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