Health Insurance: Help & Hints

What is Private Medical Insurance / Health Insurance?

A private medical health insurance (PMI) policy is a form of insurance purchased by an individual to pay for medical expenses should the individual require treatment. Many who look into PMI do so for the speed of attention they would receive having a private medical policy rather then having to wait on the NHS waiting lists. Private patients are often given the choice of hospitals and doctors as well as often receiving more comfortable accommodation with many receiving private rooms.

Level of Cover

The different medical health insurance policies all offer varying levels of cover and this will naturally affect the price paid for the insurance policy. Choosing the correct policy type for you will depend on your requirements and budget.


Although the level of cover differs between the health insurance policies, there are general exclusions which may appear on your particular level of cover.

For example, not all medical policies will cover GP services and overseas treatment and this is something to look out for when choosing between the options for cover. Most policies will not cover treatment for chronic conditions along with pre-existing problems which you were aware of before taking out the policy.

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