UK Student Health Insurance

Studying in the UK as an overseas student for more than six months entitles you to free medical treatment under the National Health Service (NHS). This starts from the day the student registers with their university, college or school. However, it is strongly advised that any student should also take out their own student health insurance.

We recommend this because although the NHS covers you for alot of treatments you will still find yourself paying out for certain parts of your treatment. This includes prescribed medicines and dental care for all students over the age of 19. You can apply for help with these charges completing a HC1 form available at your university.

Also the NHS will not cover you as a foreign student for "Evacuation" e.g. sending you home should you become seriously ill. Also private policies will also often cover you fro "Repatriation" which is the return of your remains should the worst happen whilst you are studying abroad.

Just some of the great health insurance brands included

Heath Therightbroker Mninsure